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    The different product creates different Life

    First development in 2006. The final result of 20 years know-how

    Liquid feed system
    Mixing, transporting, supplying liquid feed for cattle pigs
    Automatic feeder in milking room
    Combination of Automatic feeder & Robot milking system
    Vehicle sterilization system
    Vehicle sterilization system installed in farm gate, road or any site.
    Electronic milk quantity measuring device
    Precise measurement of milk quantity performed by electronic device
    Estrous detection system
    Estrous detection in Hanwoo
    Duck litter spreader
    Automatic duck litter(rice hulls) spreader using conveyor system
    Environment monitoring system
    Automatic measurement & recording of Temperature, Humidity, CO2, etc. Remote control of Fresh Air FANs
    Robot milking system
    Automatic milking system performed by robot ARM technology
    TMR Robot Feeder
    From unmanned rail type TMR Robot to autonomous drive type TMR Robot
    Robot calf feeder for Hanwoo calf
    The most advanced robotic feed system
    Automatic feeder for cattle pig
    High-tech computer system of automatic feeder for cattle pig
    Weight sorting system
    Evaluation and selection system by body weight of cattle pigs

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      DAWOON co., Ltd.

      • 22, Bodojin-ro 42beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, 22847, Rep. of KOREA
      • dawoonel@naver.com
      • T. +82 32 873 1787 F. +82 32 873 1789

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